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AlienLion.com is gaming journalism by gamers. Every article, interview, list, or review on this site has been submitted by our readers. Even our “staff writers” are all just volunteers who simply enjoy contributing. If you you have an opinion and the inspiration, all you need to do is click here (there’s free stuff in it for you).

But don’t call this a blog! We make sure that all posted pieces are factual, sourced, and original. In other words, all information here is good, it’s just not affected by the general politics of a journalism site. This is the voice of gamers, presented cohesively and often hilariously. Fine, it’s a blog, but it’s a blog with standards. Enjoy!



September 2015

We will start posting banners with available game rewards, and you’ll be able to pick the game you want yourself. You already can pick the reward, but for now, we email you the available games and you let us know which one you want. Cool, no?

July 2015

Yes, we do have Instagram. Follow AlienLiongram. Here’s why.

December 2014

As many of you know, the site has been taken down and a bunch of content went missing. First, we really do apologize to anyone whose work got affected. Second, do not worry, as all articles will be recovered. We know exactly what went missing and exactly how to get it back. Just bear with us. If you have questions regarding pitches, ask in the Write section (get it?)


December 2014

Due to lack of participation in the ‘Verticals’ contest, it has been taken down. Everyone gets a free game though. Apparently you humans are not proficient in Photoshop. We might restart it and the best entries will be re-entered.

Here is a couple of particularly awesome entries:

What always happens:



Inconvenient Wii Update


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  1. sipperfunk says:

    Lol @ konami code and dante. Dont get donkey kong one thou

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