10 Game Franchises That Need To Come Back!

I wrote before about a few franchises that AL wanted to go away. Well, here is a list of 10 that AL wants to return: 10. GEX There must be a special place in obscurity for all the forgotten platformers that sound like they were named by the same damn guy. Some are not so […]

4 Dumb Arguments Against Achievements/Trophies

For better or worse, achievements and trophies have covertly slipped into the very anatomy of video games and are now likely there to stay, like a permanent, viral memento from our wonderful time with the “seventh generation” of gaming. Undoubtedly, it is one that has gamers somewhat divided. Some love hunting for trophies/achievements, while others […]

Older Games That Did It Better: Fallout 2, the RPG

Some video game companies are just like little kids these days. See, kids are known for doing dumb shit, like when they dismember their toys for no apparent reason, and then affix really random replacements onto every available orifice, sort of like little Dr. Heiters from ‘The Human Centipede’. Now, look at an average modern […]

3 Reasons The Video Game Industry is NOT Sexist

It’s often stated that the video game industry is insultingly sexist toward women. Everything about gaming seems to be catered to guys, as it’s just a little too difficult to think of a female video game character who doesn’t sport some spine-crippling “forms”, or isn’t clad in an outfit/armor that does little else but accentuate […]

6 Game Franchises That Need to Go Away (as of 2012)

6. GoW I am starting the list by breaking the rules and including two games at the same time, just because I’m feeling like that much of a badass. This is because “GoW” here stands for both Gears of War and God of War, making testosterone content of this entry so dangerously high, simply reading […]

E3 2012 or Why Microsoft Did Well and How VGA’s Can Help

After I was done watching Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference, I could not help but begin mentally scheming a cunning plan, one that I felt was important to the industry as a whole. First, I would locate a particularly foul-smelling dog turd. Then, I would find out the address of Don Mattrick or Phil Spencer, […]

Top 7 Car Experiences That Every Racing Sim Must Offer

Back in 1982, Namco described its’ Formula 1 game, titled ‘Pole Position‘, as offering an “unbelievable driving realism”. It may sound hilarious today but the game had it all, from the colorful graphics to some of the modern video game “innovations”, like collision crashes and weather effects (in form of random rain puddles but still). […]

Rant: 4 Reasons Quantic Dream Games Suck, Including ‘Beyond’. Probably

Shortly after the somewhat random (and rather  unoriginal) Kara demo got fanboys literally in tears over the nonpareil genius of David Cage and his Quantic Dream, a new game was debuted in Beyond: Two Souls. As I watched the trailer, I was extraordinarily puzzled by the ways of the human brain because perplexedly, what I witnessed reminded […]

5 Reasons We Won’t See a New Xbox or PS Anytime Soon (May 2012)

Even the most pretentious PC snob cannot deny the excitement surrounding a release of next generation consoles, without setting his pants ablaze. For most gamers, it is the equivalent of the Super Bowl and the World Cup finals combined. Sure, more and more powerful PC innards come out and enable us to up the resolution, […]