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Wasteland 2 – 100 Hours Later


Wasteland 2 was once the most anticipated Kickstarter game on, remember? Here’s the review, by Allen:     I offered to review Wasteland 2 around release, back when it was still a useful thing to do, but I ran into a problem. How do you criticize something that you want so badly to succeed? It’s not every […]

Valve Deserves The Hate


This is a quick one-off opinion piece by Mikee, who has contributed to the old Alien Lion Blog. Stand by for his standalone blog very soon.      It’s almost that time again and I’m not talking about the World Cup, but you didn’t even think I was, did you, nerd? Yes, E3 is just […]

4 Reasons Why We Don’t Need Anymore Consoles


  It’s not like you need more reasons to love the 50’s, but that’s when man invented both video games and lasers. The decade is basically the guitar solo of human existence but I digress. Ever since gaming appeared, we have been trying to use whatever available technology to make it more awesome, from vector […]

5 Points In Support of Used Games


  This piece is a response, of sorts, to this video by The Cynical Brit (as if there is any other kind, right?). The Cliff Bleszinski linked to it in this blog post, as a self-explanatory, factual elaboration on the evils of used games, by simply saying: “Watch this video, and then come back.” We did watch […]

Exploring the Gaming Atlas or What’s Next for Old Settings


By Ben Watkins, a first time contributor for ____________ If you consider how many video games have been made in the history of the whole wide world, you’d expect a certain level of repetition, when it comes to the backdrop. Our options are obviously limited in general, but some genres require certain check-boxes to […]

Always-on: Not Always Awful?


AlienLion is that particularly vocal bunch, in front of the angry anti-DRM mob. As someone who always pays for gaming, we perceive the very idea of aggressive DRM insulting, like a stinky finger poking us right in our faces and calling us thieves, while we’ve done nothing wrong. And we don’t mind publishers doing whatever they have […]

5 Types of Achievements/Trophies That Must Die


If you’ve been with us for awhile, then you know that we love trophies and achievements. Hoarding aside, they are fun little incentives to spend some extra time with the games that we enjoy (and some that we don’t), or at least… they are supposed to be. All too often, game developers entirely miss the […]

Is Dead or Alive Sexist? Or Is It Actually Me?


In his very first article for AlienLion, KingHorseFondler69 provides a perspective on the subject of sexism in games like Dead or Alive, in form of a fake interview that challenges the argument on several points. He is a first-time contributor, so please, do give us your (constructive) feedback and enjoy!   Dead or Alive Extreme 2 Like many people, […]

Breaking Up With Fallout. Part 4


Back to Part 3   Part 4 So, if you made it this far, you have likely considered the fact that the Fallout series has shed its’ style and setting, in exchange for something less distinct. Hopefully, I have been able to demonstrate how the general experience of the games has also changed because of […]

Breaking Up With Fallout. Part 3


Back to Part 2…   Part 3 Another unfortunate new direction for Fallout that abandoned something of appeal, at least for me, is the new complete lack of a sense of isolation, which affects the experience directly. When things aren’t exploding and nobody speaks or does anything in your vicinity, in Fallout 3, the world […]