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5 Big Reasons To Love Nintendo

 Oddcat for     Note, fanboys, that we have featured an article titled ‘6 Evil Facts About Nintendo‘, which has already been read by thousands of people. It also just so happens that the author of this piece is not their biggest fan, but it’s time to give respect where respect is due. Let’s be honest […]

6 Cases of Terrible Fashion in Games

In truth, our fashion sense is eternally dictated by the laundry situation, so you know, we’re no Vogue, but we do have eyes and there often comes a point in fashion when that makes all the difference: Lucky for us, when it comes to video games, the same person who designs characters’ dresses also designs the same game’s chainsaw bloodhammers, so […]

The Mosts of 2014 in Gaming

  How’s about we look back at the year 2014 in gaming? Everyone else is doing it. Now, I haven’t played every game to come out last year so I can’t tell you what truly the best game of the year was (what does that even mean with games, as different as they all are?) but I […]

6 Evil Facts About Nintendo

In all the recent outgushing of gaming news, Nintendo has remained as relevant as a pair of testicles on one of those Justin-Bieber-looking kids on Instagram. You couldn’t even tell they had a relatively new console out, which is quite crazy. I mean, it’s the freaking Nintendo! The name alone is synonymous with gaming. Everyone knows […]

6 Pieces of Suspiciously Familiar Video Game Music

    Video game music is its’ own genre, wouldn’t you say? It’s always had a rather unique sound and mood, usually only fit for video games (as awesome as it is, you rarely see anyone moshing to Sonic 2 soundtrack, for example). Even outside of the NES/Genesis era, there is just something about the […]

7 Weirdest Video Game Cameos

Lucas White writes game reviews for Check out more of his work if you enjoy this article.  Everyone loves crossovers; otherwise, the comic book industry would never be able to afford producing stories that are actually good, every once and awhile. For some reason, seeing popular characters in settings they have no business being in is […]

5 Famous People Who Need Their Own Games

Previously, we’ve looked at some really pointless celebrity involvements with video games. This time, we’ll do the opposite and put together a list of a few currently famous people, who deserve to have games made about them as soon as possible:   5. Chuck Norris Duh! Right? We have somewhat covered Chuck before, but this (or […]

Top 7 Trash Talk References in Video Games

    If rap has taught us anything it’s that people love beef (unless they’re hindus or something), especially when it’s between two or more publicly recognized entities. So how about a list of some outstanding or notable cases of trash talk in video games? Here we go:   #7. Valve is a SiN _________________________________________________________________________________ […]

5 Types of Achievements/Trophies That Must Die

If you’ve been with us for awhile, then you know that we love trophies and achievements. Hoarding aside, they are fun little incentives to spend some extra time with the games that we enjoy (and some that we don’t), or at least… they are supposed to be. All too often, game developers entirely miss the […]

5 More Things You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Games

You know that TV show, Breaking Bad? After so many seasons, have you realized that the only black guy in the show sells fried chicken and meth? It’s one of those things that you don’t think about, until they are pointed out to you, even though they are in plain sight. What follows is another […]