10 Curious Video Game Facts

You know how Snapple tastes like someone accidentally dropped a sack of sweetener into a barrel of water that used to have old fruit in it? And then also pissed in it? Well, here, in another composite article, our readers present some cool video game facts, which are more awesome [and more verified] than whatever you can find […]

Fallout 4: The 3 Goods and The 3 Bads

  Fallout 4 is coming. Are you? If you’re still here, which I don’t blame you if you aren’t, I’d like to discuss the things Bethesda seems to be doing right this time round, as well as those unavoidable other things. At this point, we know very little, so we’ll limit ourselves to the three most probable changes, which have […]

5 Overrated “Underrated” Video Games

    Some douche threw together this ‘click-bait’ piece just to get a free game, you must be thinking. That’s not entirely true. While I’m bound to piss a fanboy or two off, I’m actually merely presenting a summary of opinions and a result of some debate among our “staff writers” (other term for people who keep hanging around). That is one reason why […]

5 Big Reasons To Love Nintendo

 Oddcat for     Note, fanboys, that we have featured an article titled ‘6 Evil Facts About Nintendo‘, which has already been read by thousands of people. It also just so happens that the author of this piece is not their biggest fan, but it’s time to give respect where respect is due. Let’s be honest […]

6 Cases of Terrible Fashion in Games

In truth, our fashion sense is eternally dictated by the laundry situation, so you know, we’re no Vogue, but we do have eyes and there often comes a point in fashion when that makes all the difference: Lucky for us, when it comes to video games, the same person who designs characters’ dresses also designs the same game’s chainsaw bloodhammers, so […]

The Mosts of 2014 in Gaming

  How’s about we look back at the year 2014 in gaming? Everyone else is doing it. Now, I haven’t played every game to come out last year so I can’t tell you what truly the best game of the year was (what does that even mean with games, as different as they all are?) but I […]

Wasteland 2 – 100 Hours Later

Wasteland 2 was once the most anticipated Kickstarter game on, remember? Here’s the review, by Allen:     I offered to review Wasteland 2 around release, back when it was still a useful thing to do, but I ran into a problem. How do you criticize something that you want so badly to succeed? It’s not every […]

Here’s Why E3 2014 Was Disappointing

  It’s that time of the year again. Actually, it’s way past that time but there is a point to it. Read on for a slightly different E3 review from MaxImaz:     So, E3 2014 has come and gone and it was a weird one. Everyone, including Microsoft (!), actually did what they had […]

Our Mortal Kombat X Trailer Impressions and Game Wish List

The debut trailer for Mortal Kombat X is here, and more details are probably to follow in just a matter of days, at this year’s E3. Sure, we could wait and offer our impressions after the fact, but we feel that it would be interesting to provide our expectations and wishes based on the initial […]

Valve Deserves The Hate

This is a quick one-off opinion piece by Mikee, who has contributed to the old Alien Lion Blog. Stand by for his standalone blog very soon.      It’s almost that time again and I’m not talking about the World Cup, but you didn’t even think I was, did you, nerd? Yes, E3 is just […]