What The Game ‘Journey’ Is Really About

This is a rather unusual piece by our returning guest writer, noBanana. We have no definite opinion here but the whole this is too bizarre not to feature! 



Weird games have a weird effect on people. Normally, gamers can’t put together an Internet sentence without emanating some serious psycho vibes but games like Journey compel them to type out words like “beautiful” and “wondrous” and “art” and all that other vocabulary they only use while stoned. All of the sudden, they become these intellectual connoisseurs of all things sentimental, analyzing the stink out of every detail of this “amazing journey”. In the meanwhile, I’ve been really scratching my head thinking “Am I the only one who sees this?!”




What is this “this” you say? Well, let us start with our nameless hero… nameless and faceless actually. This thing does not seem to be anyone specific quite yet… It is simply a little red (or white, if you know how) entity with a little tail-like offshoot, born out of a wondrous explosion of the tip of a triangular mountain of some kind:




Being born out of that starry event and all those birds and bees and cacti, this creature has a vision of a larger white being, which compels it to immediately sets off for another triangle in the distance, with a glowing slit… OK, let’s be straight, we all know what I am hinting at: the little fella here is a sperm, about to undertake the journey of fertilizing an egg! Think this is ridiculous? Read along then…

The journey. It starts with our hero passing numerous odd structures that resemble tombstones. It’s as if these are the resting places of those before it, those who have died at the start of their journey? Sort of like the way most of the real world nut spores die right at the beginning of their journey due to high acidity of the… new environment.





This sad little fact of life continues until you come to a gate, which appears closed. Interestingly, this is where we see a vision of the “explosion” mural shown above and it works to open the gate up.




Just a random note here: during the real life biological process, a woman’s cervix is tightly closed, but opens up when she starts to ovulate. This allows the sperm to pass through and start making their way toward the uterus, across the endocervical canal (a bridge of sorts), overcoming the folds of the cervix:



In the game, after overcoming a bridge and a desert full of folds err… dunes, our hero gets to a “descent”. This level is odd in that the ground seems to be moving like waves. It resembles a windy desert but there is not much in terms of sand clouds or kick-up. It is rather spectacular in its’ strangeness, really. Judge for yourself:


That’s an awesome glide and that is exactly what happens when a sperm reaches the uterus from the cervix. Muscular uterine contractions actually start assisting the sperm, for a change, propelling them forward, toward a field of cilia in the fallopian tube, which look like so:



…which should remind you of the next area of Journey, titled ‘The Tunnels‘:




This is about where both encounter enemies. For the Journey thing, it is the white dragons of some sort, and in the human body, it is the white resident cells working for the immune system, looking to consume all invaders. But armed with fuel, which it absorbs and stores into its’ tail to power its’ locomotion (talking about both the sperm and our hero here), it moves ahead through the… gross word coming up… mucus, toward the egg.



Finally, the sperm makes it near the egg and that’s where it catches a beatdown. It must push through a difficult protective layer and an environment that eats away at its’ defense, stripping it of its’ tail, before it can reach the egg shell, like so:



And then… fiesta.

So what’s that in-game partner thing all about you say? I dunno… twins? Look, this isn’t official but I have broken down the entire process of fertilization and the entire story of the game simultaneously, both in chronological order. If you ask me, at a certain angle, it fits. That’s what she said.




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