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7 Weirdest Video Game Cameos

Lucas White writes game reviews for Check out more of his work if you enjoy this article.  Everyone loves crossovers; otherwise, the comic book industry would never be able to afford producing stories that are actually good, every once and awhile. For some reason, seeing popular characters in settings they have no business being in is […]

Remaster Alpha Protocol! (Urgent Letter to Obsidian)

  Prior to release, Alpha Protocol was everywhere. Every self-respecting ‘most anticipated’ list had to include it, even from those who ended up giving the game a low review score. For some, this title was supposed to be an ‘espionage Mass Effect’; for others, it was a big budget old school RPG from the talent at Obsidian…   […]

Xbox One Reveal. Our (negative) Impressions.

  So, the eagerly-anticipated ‘Xbox event’ has come and gone, and as always, it’s time for our impressions. Before I personally start, I would like to note that we do our impression pieces without taking into account any information that comes after, or in addition to, what was revealed at the actual event. This way, […]

Always-on: Not Always Awful?

AlienLion is that particularly vocal bunch, in front of the angry anti-DRM mob. As someone who always pays for gaming, we perceive the very idea of aggressive DRM insulting, like a stinky finger poking us right in our faces and calling us thieves, while we’ve done nothing wrong. And we don’t mind publishers doing whatever they have […]

3 Innovations We Actually Want From ‘The Next Gen’

  New consoles used to be easy: more polygons, more bits, stereo-er sound, what have you. Most of us had no idea what the fuck those terms even meant (I still don’t), but they made the technological progress somewhat quantifiable. We knew that the audio and the video were to get better, and we also […]