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10 Movies That Must Get Video Games (Part 2)

Back to Part 1. Part 2: 5. Brotherhood of the Wolf Directed by Christophe Gans, who did the Silent Hill movie, this is one of the better known French action films that you can probably find easier than a working Blockbuster, these days. The story is basically The Hound of the Baskervilles, with a mix of Sleepy […]

10 Movies That Must Get Video Games

Most movie-based video games are like modern musicians – everyone, but the most clueless, knows that they blow. Sometimes, you’ve got to feel for the developers though. Imagine being tasked with creating an action game based on the movie Jaws, in a limited time. I mean, what the fuck are you supposed to do throughout […]

3 Things That Next Gen Consoles Should Enforce

  There are probably just two types of guys who would ask for stricter rules: the guy with a secret stash of unsettling private videos and the guy who raises his hand to remind teachers about homework (and it’s often the same guy). Nevertheless, I feel like I can make a case for it, when […]

Our 6 Most Exciting Kickstarter Games

Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter success was the gaming equivalent of what E Online considers to be year’s top ten biggest stories, right up there with the ‘Colorado Shooting’ and ‘Miley Cyrus Twit Pic’ (I wish this were a bad joke but do click on that link and scroll through). We all know that his game will […]

3 Reasons Why We Hope Phantom Pain Is Not MGS

  Looking back, it’s downright embarrassing that none of us, at AlienLion, managed to immediately connect the above Phantom Pain trailer to Metal Gear Solid, when it debuted on VGA X. Sure, someone half-heartedly pointed out the fact that the main dude’s mullet looked eerily similar to Snake’s, before getting hushed out of the room, […]

Is Dead or Alive Sexist? Or Is It Actually Me?

In his very first article for AlienLion, KingHorseFondler69 provides a perspective on the subject of sexism in games like Dead or Alive, in form of a fake interview that challenges the argument on several points. He is a first-time contributor, so please, do give us your (constructive) feedback and enjoy!   Dead or Alive Extreme 2 Like many people, […]

6 Most Pointless Celebrity Involvements With Video Games

When Kelsey Grammer hosted the Grammys, folks were surprised, since he is an actor and not a musician. Gaming folks, on the other hand, give no poop about the fact that we have the Video Game Awards brimming with movie and music stars, who have little to do with gaming. VGA X was basically an hour-long Sam Jackson […]

Video Game Astrology: 2013 – The Year of the Snake

Snake image by Jimmy_Joe Happy New Year! The 2013 is finally upon us, along with a whole junk of potential bad omens. Indeed. For one, it will be the Chinese year of the black snake, and that has evil written all over it. Two, every Friday will be the 13th, as well as every single other day. […]