5 Things You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Games. Right?

I don’t know about you but when a video game requires me to collect something, I can never fucking do it. I found about half of the treasures in Uncharted 2, and if you ask me, I have looked fucking everywhere! I guess it means that I suck at noticing things in games, which is why most of the following went completely over my head.

By now, everyone has probably pointed out to you that the bushes and the clouds in Mario are the same object. Well, I won’t do that one but if you are as ignorant as me, perhaps these will blow your mind a bit.


5. Halo 3

This would be hard to notice during the game but given that it’s Halo, chances are that you have already been made aware of this so… yeah, this entry sounds like a dumb idea already. Regardless, remember that last level of Halo 3? Did you ever get a sense of deja vu, playing it?

Well, neither was it the weed nor the fact that you were driving a Warthog while shit exploded around you, just like you did at the end of Halo: Combat Evolved. The level should have actually reminded you of another Halo: CE segment – the Silent Cartographer.

Because the maps are identical!

If you think about it, it makes sense. That section of Halo 3 takes place on a Halo-in-progress, so an identical island being constructed is actually quite clever.

4. Shadow of the Colossus

To note this one, you have to be the fucking Sherlock. Also, you have to have finished the game so SPOILERS next. Anyway, you know that whole ending of the game where you become big and horny (pun)? And then you get sucked into a trolling pool that makes sure the love of your life would spend the next several years watching you shit yourself? Ever wonder why everything was so blurry? That’s because the place it was all happening in was not the real temple. It was a clone!

See that pyramid there? That’s the real temple. 

PikolUploader went Neo on that shit in his youtube video, where he turns off the walls (apparently people can do that) and points out that this fake temple is in an entirely different location on the map. Reportedly, it’s also smaller than the real place, which is what could potentially tip someone off 

3. Resident Evil 5

I am only including this one because I hope that I am not the most ignorant person in the galaxy, having never noticed it. Please, someone tell me that you have not either.

It’s right fucking there!

The box… the reddish outline… that’s Africa!

2. Deus Ex

If you have not played the original Deus Ex, you probably should, I guess. If you have, then you know that the game takes place on an island that offers a beautiful view of New York City.

See anything wrong?

What you might not have noticed, unless you are from New York City is that the World Trade Center does not stick out as it used to. That is because it’s not there.

Very thoughtful of Ion Storm to leave it out, considering that they did so in the year 2000… Apparently, it was some texture memory limitation that demanded the buildings be removed, which tells me that I know nothing about game development as that makes no fucking sense. What is interesting though is that they decided to simply explain that the towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack… Fishy as fuck.

1. Team Fortress 2

I like this one because it’s such a subtle detail and also because of how goddamn creepy it is. You see, in Team Fortress 2, the spy can shapeshift into any other character, but you already knew that. Well, did you know that their eyes give them away?


Well, I didn’t!


2 comments on “5 Things You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Games. Right?

  1. LordMe says:

    Okay, I never noticed that about Resident Evil 5’s box art either… lol, You are not the only one!

  2. Athrum says:

    yeah sigh me in for that one too, didnt notice the box art

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