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5 Video Game Sequences That Must Go (Plus, a review of Rage)

We all like to complain about the lack of originality in gaming (well… we do) so let’s point out the things that we’ve been seeing too much of, as of late. That’s about it but it’s not like anyone reads these introductions so I will just get to it and elaborate as I go. Oh, […]

Breaking Up With Fallout. Part 4

Back to Part 3   Part 4 So, if you made it this far, you have likely considered the fact that the Fallout series has shed its’ style and setting, in exchange for something less distinct. Hopefully, I have been able to demonstrate how the general experience of the games has also changed because of […]

Breaking Up With Fallout. Part 3

Back to Part 2…   Part 3 Another unfortunate new direction for Fallout that abandoned something of appeal, at least for me, is the new complete lack of a sense of isolation, which affects the experience directly. When things aren’t exploding and nobody speaks or does anything in your vicinity, in Fallout 3, the world […]

Breaking Up With Fallout. Part 2

Back to Part 1…   Part 2 One can’t really fault Bethesda for screwing with the general style of Fallout. They were not the ones who birthed it, and a style is something that, well, if it doesn’t come naturally, then just don’t. Wiki Not to imply that I regard either of the first two […]

Breaking Up With Fallout. Part 1

Having no hard proof whatsoever, I will still say that Fallout 4 is probably not a lifetime away from being announced. There has already been some talk of the game’s setting, and the general vibe seems to be that it’s the very next title to come from Bethesda. This feels like the right time to […]

The Potential Good and Bad of Valve’s Steam Box

If you are one of those fans who feel like Valve is on our side, you must get a sense of vindictive gratification in the fact that they are planning to release their own ‘console’ next year. I’ve got to give it to you: this generation, the existing console-makers have really stretched the limits of […]

5 Things You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Games. Right?

I don’t know about you but when a video game requires me to collect something, I can never fucking do it. I found about half of the treasures in Uncharted 2, and if you ask me, I have looked fucking everywhere! I guess it means that I suck at noticing things in games, which is why […]

5 Executions From History That Are Too Gruesome for Video Games

Recently, some guy killed his kid for interrupting his gaming session, which obviously means that video games turn you into a psychotic douche. Without them, we would all be living in a utopia, where everyone does amazing things, without ever knowing the sound of an ass being ripped along the seam. Just think back to […]

VGA 10: The Most Exciting/Disappointing Moment of The Year and Other Impressions

  So VGA 10 have just ended and I feel like I deserve a fucking award for watching the stream to the end, despite having to suffer through the same fucking Jack Reacher/Dr.Pepper/Need for Speed/MMA commercial sequence over and fucking over again. What the fuck was the point of that?? While there, I will give […]

4 Big Games That Will Never Be Big Again. Probably

      I still can’t get over how awesome Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was. Jordan Mechner was able to take such an established franchise and successfully update it for the modern times, and after so many years! Why doesn’t everyone do that? If you listen to all the “hardcore” gamers, they won’t shut […]